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I would like to help you prepare audio and video evidence for litigation.

I use the newest technology (some of it proprietary) - to enhance, restore, and identify audio and video recordings in any format. I can take a recording where a voice is barely discernible and make it intelligible for a jury.  I frequently use the new Cedar Cambridge Forensic system which is equipped with a number of different forensic restoration modules, along with precision selective bandwidth dynamics, sixteenth octave plotting analysis, and large format printers to prepare posters for the courtroom.  I am one of only a handful of Forensic Audio Examiners in the US certified to work with STC’s Sound Cleaner, SIS and Editracker.  This new software facilitates digital authentication of sound files, searching for edits and anomalies.  I am also an expert in VoicePrint identification where a speaker can be identified using an exemplar from a known speaker.

My extensive credentials have equipped me to qualify as an expert witness for audio, copyright and other music and video issues.  I have a BA from Yale University in the Psychology of Communication, and an MA from Stanford University's Department of Communication in Film and Video.  I have owned Soundesign – an audio post-production facility, for 28 years.  I first won a Primetime Emmy Award in audio for Carl Sagan's TV series - COSMOS and have subsequently received numerous Emmy and Clio nominations. Most recently, I was awarded my fourth Grammy Award Citation for John Lennon's "The Making of Imagine".
As an experienced writer, I can prepare cogent reports and clear video documentation on acoustic evidence (such as melody similarities) that are easily understandable by a non-scientific audience or jury. Most recently, I prepared the DVD evidence for the George Russell Weller trial in Santa Monica.   Mr. Weller was interviewed a couple of hours after the event at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market where he killed 10 people – but the audio was very difficult to understand.  These DVD's – edited as directed by the judge - were valuable evidence for both the defense and the prosecution.

I regularly work as a freelance forensic audio examiner and engineer for the US Secret Service, the FBI, LA Superior Court, LA Public Defender's Office, Pasadena PD Homocide Assaults, Santa Clara Sheriff's Dept, LA Sheriff's Dept, Santa Rosa County, San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department and many private law offices and various other courtroom representatives.  I am a Certified Forensic Audio/Video Examiner under contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

My studio laboratory is in the Hollywood Hills and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art processing, editing, printing and duplication facilities.  A retainer service is available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  I will be happy to provide references from Los Angeles attorneys who have used my services.  I am perhaps the only Forensic Audio company in Los Angeles County.

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