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•  EDUCATION - B.A. Yale University (Psychology of Communication), M.A. from Stanford University Film School (Dept. of Communication).

•  COMPANIES – Owner – specializing in enhancing audio and video for use in courtroom situations. Regular clients include the US Secret Service, the FBI, DEA, DHS, LA Superior Court, LA Public Defender's Office, LA County Sheriff (UNDER CONTRACT), Pasadena PD Homicide Assaults, Burbank PD, Santa Clara Sheriff's Department, Santa Rosa County, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and many private law offices and various other courtroom representatives. Certified Audio Forensic Examiner for LA Superior Court. Co-Founder and past President, Cosmos Studios. Owner of Soundesign. Mr. Gibson was also a founding partner in Rosebud Films.

•  AWARDS - Winner - Prime Time Emmy Award (Special Achievement) - PBS series COSMOS. Nominee 2004 Emmy Award as Executive Producer for Cosmic Journey - The Voyager Interstellar Mission and Message (A&E). Sound Designer and Mixer 2003 Doc Emmy - Galileo, Battle for the Heavens - NOVA, Grammy Award Citation - Gimme Some Truth, the Making of John Lennon's Imagine Album - long form video.  Grammy Award Long Form Videodisk - Physical starring Olivia Newton-John and Grammy Winning Long Form Video The Heart of Rock & Roll, Starring Huey Lewis & The News.  Grammy Award Citation Rod Stewart - long form video.  CPB Silver Award & NEMN Silver Apple Award Papakolea, A Story of Hawaiian Land.  Multiple Clio Award and other Emmy Nominations.

•  TELEVISION SERIES & MOW’S , Sound Design & Mixer Another Kind of Valor (2008) nine dramatic films about PTSD (CIMH).  Sound Designer & Mixer – Wired Science (PBS) ten part primetime series, Sound Designer & Mixer California at WAR, Southern California Connected and Global Watch (PBS), Sound Designer & Mixer, Walker Texas Ranger, Trial By Fire (ABC), Sound designer / sound editor and mixer full seasons of fourteen television series (comedy, dramatic, music and documentary).  Dolphin Cove (Paramount - 2 seasons), Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (Paramount - 2 seasons), Best of the Midnight Special, Heroes of Rock & Roll, Roots of Country Music (Emmy Winner). History's Mysteries, Biography, Mysteries of the Bible.  Cosmos (PBS) starring Carl Sagan is arguable the most watched science television series of all time, having been seen by over 10 million viewers worldwide.  Mr. Gibson was, among other things, responsible for its multiple award

winning soundtrack and has re-mastered an updated the series several times, to enormous critical acclaim.

•  STAFF - Staff positions at Pacific Video, KCET - Community Television of Southern California.  TV Producer and media research director for The Stanford Heart Program (NIH -"3 Community Study" - 4 years),  Lecturer in Writing and Directing in the Stanford University Film School. 

•  DOCUMENTARIES - Sound Designer & Mixer (2006-2007) Ice, Jamin’, Origins, Reflections of Venice and 5 other videos for Disney Blu-Ray release accompanying feature film releases (7.1 channel audio). Sound designer & mixer for over one hundred cable TV shows for Discovery, National Geographic, TBS, HBO, Showtime.

  FEATURE FILMS – Mixer – Cinerama Adventure (CA Productions ’08), Sound Design & Mixer – Quarter Mile (Goff Films ‘08), Sound Designer & Mixer - Corrado (Taormina Films ‘08), Sound Designer & Mixer – Mil Mascaras Resurrection (Osmium Ent. ‘07), Sound Designer & Mixer – Academy of Doom (IT Productions ‘07), Sound Designer & Mixer – By Many Names (Paradise Filmworks ‘08), Sound Designer & Mixer, Off  The Rocker (‘07 Bardocz) Sound Designer & Mixer The Tillamook Treasure (Brite Light Pictures),  Sound Designer & Mixer Naked in Ashes (Paradise Filmworks ‘08) - Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer - America's Heart and Soul (2004 Disney release), Sound Designer & Mixer - Purple Heart (Claymore Productions), Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer - Borrowing Time (2006).  "Videogram" versions (for home video) of some sixty motion pictures for PARAMOUNT PICTURES. Sound design &  mixing - The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (Orion Classics - Lily Tomlin).  Associate Producer - Spirit of the Wind honored at Cannes "Un Certain Regard", Montreal Film Festival, Winner - USA Film Festival.

•  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Cosmic Africa - documentary feature (2006), Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt documentary feature (A&E), Cosmic Journey, the Voyager Interstellar Mission and Message (A&E), The Best of COSMOS (PBS) Producer-Director.

•  ORGANIZATIONSIATSE Local 695 Y-1 Mixer (KCET) and Editor, IATSE Local 700 Y-1 mixer (Ref. Melanie),  Director's Guild of America, West, (UPM and Director) NARAS, SMPTE, AES, ATAS, NABET (Inactive), Board of Directors - National Parkinson Foundation, LA.,

•  OTHER SKILLS – Fluent in French. An expert with Cedar Cambridge and Cedar Forensic, IzotopeRX, Editracker, Photoshop, Filemaker Pro, Word, Excel, Powerpoint ProTools, Icon, ProControl, Control24, Final Cut Pro, Audition,Waveframe, Keynote, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, GoLive , DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Painter, Final Draft, and many aspects of the Internet.