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Kent Gibson works with audio and video evidence for litigation, and for private use.  He can enhance, restore, authenticate recordings in any format.  He specializes in making a barely discernible voice intelligible for a jury.  He is Certified Voice Print analyst and expert using SIS, SoundCleaner, Editracker and Cedar Cambridge Forensic.

He is qualified as an Expert Witness for audio , copyright, etc., and is experienced with Certified Transcripts, Forensic Examiner Declarations, and expert analysis and other litigation support.

Contract Forensic Examiner for LA County Sheriff, Clients include FBI, US Secret Service, DHS, DEA, LA Superior Court, Pasadena PD, Burbank PD, LA Pub. Defender, Santa Rosa Cty, San Bernardino Cty, Santa Clara Cty, Private Attorneys, Certified LA Superior Court

Kent Gibson,

Certified Forensic Audio Examiner